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Trying so many things!

I have got so many things going on, new job starting on Monday 😀 😀 :D! Super stoked!
Anyhow…to relax, I’ve been doing some artistic stuff including the following:


Some practise with blending, sizing, colouring and other editing and this is the final result =) Rather happy and thinking of at some point creating skins/make-up/eyes, I’ve done some standard tattoos that turned out quite nice! If only I had the time!



Checking the rear.

Rocco Signi R3VOLT Shirt Final Clean

Men like toys. The Austin Martin DBS being one of my favorite cars, I decided to take it for a spin. As I was cruising along the boulevard, I got asked if I was up for a drink at a mates house later on. One simply does not say no to that!

In the picture, backing it up my mate’s driveway. Dressed for a night of poker, drinks and speaker wrecking music. Comfortable yet looking rather handsome in a shirt designed by R3VOLT. Picked up a nice plain pair of jeans aswell while I was there. You know how we men do, we get shopping done instead of checking eeeeeevery single store being indecisive till the bitter end.
Got my new aviator sunglasses with me as I don’t succeed at keeping a poker face just yet, there’s nothing more annoying than being predictable! Broke my old glasses as I was in rush and jumped in the car…

Ass 1-0 Glasses

When life’s good, enjoy it to the fullest people! If it’s not, YOU have to change it.

Love, Peace and Sunshine,

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Marketplace  <<<<<<<

*Green screen picture, self-made pose*

Meet Rocco Signi

Rocco Signi Kauna Suit Final Clean

Roccing the red carpet wearing a brilliantly designed suit by Ross Myhre from Kauna with a plain white v neck shirt (non-mesh) by .:GioMEN:. . And because a man can’t go without jewelry when wearing a suit, I wore my favorite watch made by Mandala. Stunning detailed work, as always. Finishing the look with some neat Kauna brogues on the bottom.

>>>>>>>  Kauna – Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  Kauna – Marketplace  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  Mandala – Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  Mandala – Marketplace  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  GioMEN – Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  GioMEN – Marketplace  <<<<<<<

*Green screen picture, self-made scene and post*