Second Life's Finishing Touch To Fashion.


Strike a poes.

We’re still alive! Eventhough it’s freezing outside here in holland… Like I said in my last post (god that was ages ago…) I’ve started a new job, with that job came dedication and focus. Dedication and focus on RL work and not so much on blogging or SL… My lady has been collaborating with Captivity Co. Poses and been asking me to do some male poses as the males really do get left out in SL when it comes to poses, clothing, skins, everything basically!

Women took over SL : (! Well, here’s my attempt to provide the males in SL with some decent poses.

Click the pictures for a detailed view do eeeeet! 😀

1 – 2 – 3

Captivity part 2

4 – 5 – 6

Captivity part 1

Sooooo, I think they turned out alright! 😀 But I’d love to get some feedback from the readers/viewers!

Rocking superbly design turtleneck/ish pullover by R3volt and one of their three-quarter-pants. Pants come with an amazing HUD like they always do at R3volt!

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Marketplace  <<<<<<<

Thank you team-R3volt!

>>>>>>>  WoW Skins Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  WoW Skins Marketplace  <<<<<<<

Thanks Filippo from Wow Skins (Filippowowskins)

Please leave a little comment with your opinion or a tip! Tips and tricks are always welcome! They will be in stores soon! I will put up a little update when they are. It won’t take long I promise…

If this were my last post before christmas and new year! I wish you all the best! 2013 was a busy year for me, lots of things happened…2014 will be full of more positive things I hope!!! 😀

Peace, Love and lots of hot chocolate milk!

Rocco S.


Trying so many things!

I have got so many things going on, new job starting on Monday 😀 😀 :D! Super stoked!
Anyhow…to relax, I’ve been doing some artistic stuff including the following:


Some practise with blending, sizing, colouring and other editing and this is the final result =) Rather happy and thinking of at some point creating skins/make-up/eyes, I’ve done some standard tattoos that turned out quite nice! If only I had the time!


Vacation O’clock!

Rocco Family - Vacation Breakfast

WOOT! 3 Weeks of vacation! Finally…life consists of too much work for me currently. 😛 Moments like this make it all worth it though!!! Got 3 weeks in a different house in RL and going on a camping trip in SL!
\o/! Fuck yeah! Already know I’m not going to like going back to work when it’s over, but lets put that aside and enjoy!

I’m going to make lots of pictures throughout the trip and will definitely share them with you! Doing this trip with the SL family reminds me a lot of going on a holiday, back when my parents were still together 🙂 My dad, mom, brother and me, up as early as 3 o’clock in the morning. Crappy appetite as waking up at this time of the day was out of my comfort-zone and always will be. 😛 I prefer going to bed at 3 or so nowadays! I get more comfortable when it’s dark, no idea why :O!

So here’s the picture of me and my little SL family in the morning, the misses was up first making simple yet lovely breakfast. She was first to leave the bed because I’m the one that will be driving all day and I need as much sleep as possible…losing focus when I’m driving could put us in some serious danger when driving and we don’t want to do that! 😛 I love danger, but I’m not putting other people’s life on the line!

Little Lucy being the one to be fully awake already is still a little confused as it’s her first time we’re going on a holiday, confused, yet curious what’s going to happen! 😛 My boy Jack having issues waking up just like I did, knowing we’re up for a long trip, no appetite and a little grumpy. Probably continues to sleep in the car and waking up even grumpier later on because a car is not one of the most comfortable places to sleep in. 😛

The croissant were a little reminder on where we’d be going, they taste so much better when you’re actually in France though…

Let’s get packing!


Rocco Signi R3VOLT BBOY

Music makes you lose control! Ohhhh how I get crazy when music goes through my body. I´m the kinda guy that jumps on the stage in the club and just does not want to get down any more! 😛 I tried break-dancing when I was young but really didn’t have the strength in combination with my tallness…yet again second life makes it happen! 😉 Doing the things I can’t do in the normal world still gives me some sort of a good feeling when I do them in SL. Weird! I know…

Rocking the latest released shorts+boxers by R3VOLT, they´re f*cking awesome! Again with loads of different styles in the HUD that you can mix-n-match or play with! I went for the Ninja Turtles belt buckle and the cartoon boxers, why? Because men never really grow up! And we love the fact we don’t!

*  Pose by me, scene created in photoshop ^_^  *

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  R3VOLT Marketplace  <<<<<<<

Weekend! 😛

One love,


Major Laze

Rocco Signi R3VOLT Outfit 1 Comp

New stuff out by R3VOLT! It´s been a long and tiring week…time to shop for newly brought out clothes! 😀 In the picture dressed in a mix-n-match of new R3VOLT clothes. They come with a fine HUD that allows you to change the texture or colour to what ever matches the rest of your outfit. Absolute great HUDs, easy to use, lots of options, every bit editable and the textures are perfect. Rather cheap too! Just like in real life, the cheaper the clothes, the less guilty you’ll feel to pick them up! 😛

Click the picture for the large version for a more detailed look!

>>>>>>> R3VOLT Main Store In-World <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> R3VOLT Marketplace <<<<<<<

Enjoy the weekend people! It’s monday before you know it!


Body Shots.

Forest Rocco Kauna Finished


I like that about SL, it’s another life but with a few plus points compared to the normal life. No diseases, no rubbish, no pollution, no debt, no physical abuse, no animal cruelty, no responsibilities, no traffic jams, no STDs, no death, the list goes on! As it is, second life should never have a negative influence on your normal life. Apart from lag and server rerolls…can you imagine having that in real life? Waking up in the morning, being stuck with just a voice telling you to wait 3 more hours for the world to be back online…or a lag spike when you’re approaching a roundabout!

SL is a great place for anyone to explore the huge amount of possibilities within this diverse piece of software.

Oooon to the picture…Mr. Signi has spotted a deer and tells his fellow hunters to stand back and wait. Casually blending in with the scenery with the latest suit brought to us by Mr. Myhre from Kauna. As always a perfect fit combined with that fine attention to detail.

Right before I take my position and aim for the kill, karma hits! A scary thought pops up, the thought of life being like a long ranged shot: it lasts a while and it better turn out positive, because you only get one shot. In the constant rush that is in our current lives, people forget. One of the things they forget is that animals have feelings just like we do. Their expression is just different than what we usually get to see, making us think they’re emotionless.  There is no limit to consideration, nowhere, never. Animals are f*cking awesome!

After having my little epiphany in the forest I decide to head back home where my dinner awaits! Mmmm potatoes, salad and rib eye steak. I love steak, I really do…

Steak it easy,


>>>>>>>  Kauna Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  Kauna Marketplace  <<<<<<<

*Green screen picture, pose self-made, background from scene in Twilight*

Pizza Testosteroni

Rocco Signi Snow Boa Jordans

Best way to take out the frustration after a long day at work? Definitely sports for me, it doesn’t just clear my mind, it also keeps me in shape and healthy. I love life and feeling right in my skin is a must. This leads me onto a thing called “investing in yourself”. Investing means that you have to do something first to get profit from it later. Doesn’t matter if it’s educating yourself, exercising or buying comfortable shoes…invest in things that give you a long-lasting positive effect. Never stop learning or trying to improve yourself. The sky ain’t the limit!

Here’s a picture of me investing in myself. 😛 To make the profit from my investment even bigger, I got me some Air Jordans from Snow Boa the other day. They look badass, fit like a glove and work like a charm.

Plus, on a hot day, using up all my energy really allows me to sleep like a log. Instead of the warmth turning me into a frog in a sock. 😀


The Roc

>>>>>>> Snow Boa Market Place  <<<<<<<

*Picture taken in-world, pose self-made*