Second Life's Finishing Touch To Fashion.

Body Shots.

Forest Rocco Kauna Finished


I like that about SL, it’s another life but with a few plus points compared to the normal life. No diseases, no rubbish, no pollution, no debt, no physical abuse, no animal cruelty, no responsibilities, no traffic jams, no STDs, no death, the list goes on! As it is, second life should never have a negative influence on your normal life. Apart from lag and server rerolls…can you imagine having that in real life? Waking up in the morning, being stuck with just a voice telling you to wait 3 more hours for the world to be back online…or a lag spike when you’re approaching a roundabout!

SL is a great place for anyone to explore the huge amount of possibilities within this diverse piece of software.

Oooon to the picture…Mr. Signi has spotted a deer and tells his fellow hunters to stand back and wait. Casually blending in with the scenery with the latest suit brought to us by Mr. Myhre from Kauna. As always a perfect fit combined with that fine attention to detail.

Right before I take my position and aim for the kill, karma hits! A scary thought pops up, the thought of life being like a long ranged shot: it lasts a while and it better turn out positive, because you only get one shot. In the constant rush that is in our current lives, people forget. One of the things they forget is that animals have feelings just like we do. Their expression is just different than what we usually get to see, making us think they’re emotionless.  There is no limit to consideration, nowhere, never. Animals are f*cking awesome!

After having my little epiphany in the forest I decide to head back home where my dinner awaits! Mmmm potatoes, salad and rib eye steak. I love steak, I really do…

Steak it easy,


>>>>>>>  Kauna Main Store In-World  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  Kauna Marketplace  <<<<<<<

*Green screen picture, pose self-made, background from scene in Twilight*


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