Second Life's Finishing Touch To Fashion.

Who is Rocco Signi?

Rocco Signi is me!

24 years of age, 6-foot-4 from Holland, living together for two years with my English girlfriend, who I met on Second life.

(Yes, it is possible!)

As I’ve been watching my girlfriend take picturse in SL and blogging them, I’ve always had a habbit of trying to change her blog posts. I have my own ideas that basicly don’t fit the female blog style. In combination with my picky comments getting on her nerves, we both agreed that I should start my own blog. And here it is!

I’m a busy young man in real life. I work my ass off and there’s never enough time to combine hobbies, my girlfriend, my friends and family. But yes, eventhough there’s lots of other things on the list that aren’t done yet. I’m adding another one. Being an active blogger…

Why? Because I like it! 😛

I’m currently trying to make sure my pictures are of a certain quality where people will enjoy looking at them. Also hoping it will impress other designers so I can start blogging more clothing! It’s always good to have goals I guess. 🙂

Amongst the Second Life modeling of clothing, I will also be putting up some of my poetry in combination with fitting Second Life pictures. And probably anything that I think will entertain the viewers/readers of my blog! 😛 In the end, putting smiles on people’s faces or educating them is the best thing I can try to do =)!


I hope to give you a clear insight of the creative mind that Rocco Signi possesses.


*If there’s ever any questions, feel free to send me an inbox on WordPress or Second Life.*

Enjoy ^_^




Rocco Signi


2 responses

  1. Finally you took my advice, well because you know I can be right in a lot of aspects 😛 I love what you’ve done so far baby 🙂 keep it up and you’ll get extra cookies! 😉 ♥

    August 3, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    • You know I keep it up for ya ;)! ❤

      August 3, 2013 at 4:07 pm

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