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Pizza Testosteroni

Rocco Signi Snow Boa Jordans

Best way to take out the frustration after a long day at work? Definitely sports for me, it doesn’t just clear my mind, it also keeps me in shape and healthy. I love life and feeling right in my skin is a must. This leads me onto a thing called “investing in yourself”. Investing means that you have to do something first to get profit from it later. Doesn’t matter if it’s educating yourself, exercising or buying comfortable shoes…invest in things that give you a long-lasting positive effect. Never stop learning or trying to improve yourself. The sky ain’t the limit!

Here’s a picture of me investing in myself. πŸ˜› To make the profit from my investment even bigger, I got me some Air Jordans from Snow Boa the other day. They look badass, fit like a glove and work like a charm.

Plus, on a hot day, using up all my energy really allows me to sleep like a log. Instead of the warmth turning me into a frog in a sock. πŸ˜€


The Roc

>>>>>>> Snow Boa Market Place Β <<<<<<<

*Picture taken in-world, pose self-made*


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